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Get your artists to
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the noise

Assist your team in honing an artist's aesthetic, pinpointing their target audience, and perfecting their next campaign through AI audio analysis.

The AI multi-tool for record labels.

Our engine powers all parts of all parts of a new release's life cycle.

Feature 1

Uncover the unique traits of your artists' music

Understand the DNA of your artist's music. From melodic complexity, drum pattern syncopation, guitar tone distortion, and billions other parameters, our engine can analyze your song on a microscopic level.

Feature 2

Identify the track's target audience before release

Detect who your artist's target audience and first listeners are. From key demographics, listening habits, regional locations, and much more, find out exactly where your music's superfans are waiting.

Feature 3

Generate audience engagement strategies

Get tailored recommendations on how to connect with your audience. Gather insights on ideal playlists to pitch to, potential brand and artist collaborations, and more. Maximize your promotion with precision.

Feature 4

Hone your artist's identity and creative vision

Explore dynamic visual representations inspired by the song's unique characteristics. From content concepts to music video ideas, harness endless possibilities to boost your artist's creative journey.

Under the hood of Algorhythm's engine

We empower your artists with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Engine 1

By breaking music down into its fundamental parts, our engine analyzes what makes each song tick, almost like extracting the track's genetic code.

Engine 2

The engine takes your track's genetic code and finds the listeners, audiences, and potential fans who respond well to music with similar traits.

Engine 3 Mobile

We provide you with a comprehensive marketing strategy, backed by our scientific market analysis and tailored to your ideal listeners.

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